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Gold GX speakers in home theatre



Woman listening to Gold GX speaker

You’re in the presence of luxury: a precision engineered speaker range with beguiling looks and a sound that will turn any space into a theatre of dreams. GX is a beautifully conceived congress of materials, technology, innovation and performance that captures the essence of our worldbeating Platinum flagship designs. Expressing the truest spirit of Monitor Audio, GX systems will deliver exclusive performance at an inclusive level, releasing waves of naturally dynamic and detailed music and film audio to
lovers of sound and design.

The fabulous GX series quickens the pace of technological and aesthetic advance in speaker engineering, combining genuinely esoteric performance with luxury materials and construction to achieve a level of quality by which all others will be judged. Utilising the most precise CAD tools available and many, many hours of listening, we’ve optimised the operation of every driver, crossover and cabinet to deliver pure sound, as free as possible from mechanical distortions and cabinet resonances; as natural as the air that carries it.

By selecting from seven lustrous GX models you’ll have the opportunity to experience the wonder of pristine, wideband sound, tailored perfectly to your room. In matching systems for music and home theatre, GX gives you the look, the quality and the performance of a timeless reference design.

Click here for a Monitor Audio GX Series brochure


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